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11 | 12 | 2018
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Written by Gudrun Smith   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008 10:17

Today, coaching is being used in various ways. Basically it is all about the escorting of an employee developing her/his missing competence. Often the group of people in the management sector is meant, but other other groups need coaching, too.

A person looking for a job becomes embarrassed because of several illnesses, so that s/he cannot work in her/his profession, which they have earned. Together we can go through her/his interests or likings in order to find out where a new start in business life may start. As the job market is definately not waiting for people looking for jobs, following situation must be played through and trained. Self-employement may be included, because of the possibility of acquiring projects and orders by oneself. Maybe a combination of several part time job turns out to be suitable. This can only take place in a coaching, maybe it can take place in a combination with a profiling.

With a coaching for management participants quite different subjects are of importance. There quite often communication structures, patterns of behaviour or the job situation must be observed and new ways of behaviour with suitable sceneries for example role plays or sociogramms must be experienced. There feelings come up which are unusual, because new experiences are full of feelings of insecurity. With management personnel it should not be forgotten that they move within a working and a private environment and this must be observed in the process. Also the leading of employees can be a subject for a management coaching.

A group coaching can begin with the definition of the position of the group members, because it is important for a company to know where somebody stands in the group, so that the employee has an optimal use. After the sociogramme the communication structures of the group and the methodical abilities of the individuals are worked out, so that goup conflicts which are obstacles in teaching the goal can be treated. Should it turn out that someone absolutely does not fit into the group, new possibilities should be looked for within the company.

Here are profiling would really be helpful. If you need further information, we are not much further away than the next telephone: ++49-0160-8440738.

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