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1. How does the academy work?


On the internet the participants and the teacher meet to discuss a subject for a fortnight or teach participants some Grammar, etc. The courses are hold completely online. Therefore we use internet classrooms. Some teachers might as well offer you email service or telephone service. That will save you time and money.

The classrooms are intuitively understandable, because they are very easy to handle. For taking part in a course you do not need to be an expert.

In the classroom you are able to

  • download your documents, your exercises, etc.
  • communicate with the teacher and the participants
  • read news and announcements
  • write private messages to the teacher and the participants.

During the workshop you will be offered exercises, units to read, ideas for problem solving, tips and much more. You, as a participant load the documents conveniently on your computer and then you can work with the documents in your own time. As the whole workshop will take place online you are able to feel free to do the exercises whenever it suits you. There are normally no fixed meetings nor do you have any fixed working hours. Of course we will not be able keep courses opened for months or even years.

The results of the exercises will be discussed in classroom. In addition we provide a chat room and forums. The teacher will answer any questions you might have and will give feedback on the exercises.

While you are online you are able:

  • To send messages to single participants who might send you an answer.
  • To publish messages in the forum, so other participants are able to read your postings and reply to them.

The postings you put in will be read when people are online. When a participant of your course is online he or she will read the posting. It is like writing E-Mails. There will always be a time gap between publishing and replying.

For some courses you will have to download Skype, because we will add telephone conferencing. The link to Skype: www.skype.com

The workshop will take place in a password secured environment that means that you will have your password and whenever you want to log in you type your private password. Only participants that have a password will be able to enter the classroom. All others have to stay out.


2. The advantages of learning online

  • In the courses you are able to expand your knowledge in a group of people who also want to learn about the subject.
  • You are able to learn whenever you like. That might be during the week or at weekends. It might be you choose to work at home or in the office. All is possible.
  • You are able to contact your teacher whenever necessary. The exchange with the other students enables you to have a personal relationship.
  • The course will still be opened for some time after the official workshop finished. That enables you to ask questions when you apply the newly learned in your daily life.
  • Prices of online workshops can be cheaper than face-to-face workshops because we do not need to book a room nor workshop equipment, etc.
  • An online course will also save you money, because you do not need to book a hotel room nor do you have any travelling expenses.
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