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Written by Gudrun Smith   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 14:10

Today Developmental Psychology does not only comprise the childhood, but it comprises human life, i.e. it starts with the development out of an egg cell and ends with death. It might surprise to read this, but if you think of elderly people that you know and you might realise that even this group of people knows to enjoy their life. First these people are able to learn new content and second has science found out that elderly people are well able to adjust to inadequacy and compensate disabilities. An interesting example of Developmental Psychology in age is Traffic Psychology.

Even though Developmental Psychology is a field of science for many centuries you shouldn't believe that scientist have answers to most questions. Despite intelligence being one of the most well studied fields of Develpmental Psychology many questions are still unanswered. Piaget has spend a lot of his time in searching how the logical thinking develops during childhood. As a classical Developmental Psychologist the development stopped for him in adolence. For example today intelligence is split into cristal and fluid intelligence and it has proved that parts of intelligence start to decline from the age of 45.

Developmental disorders are normally delt with in Clinical Developmental Psychology. These disorders often have their cause in bonding or attachment disorders that can even have effects into adulthood if they are severe. Some child disorders show first signs during childhood but develop to a problem in adolence.

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