11 | 12 | 2018
Willkommen auf SMITH-Consult
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TreppenFigur Do you know the aims of your life?

"Who has not aim, should not be surprised, if he never arrives." (Mark Twain)


In an aging society psychological subjects are changing. When the population shrinks, as happening in Germany at the moment, the employees are entitled to profits. Though objective arguments are needed. The person claiming a pay rise needs strong arguments why he and not his colleague is the right person to get it. In general this will only be possible with good daily work and additional qualifications. The hard facts you normally have obtained during studying or further training, but there is more in life than that. How do you handle interpersonal situations? Which leading style do you pactise? How do you handle stressy situations? How do you integrated elderly employees? We are sure that people will not only work until they are 67 but even longer in life.

Our all-around offer enables you to ask us many psychological questions. If we do not offer what you are looking for we will be able to organise somebody who will do it for us as we are having a lot of contacts and networks.

Why are we unique? We combine scientific research with practical knowledge. Because we are aging too, it is important for us to connect theory and practical experience. Regularly we are adding scientific literature to our library and read scientific studies.

Besides our consulting and training of employees and private people we have broadened our offers by stress management and Health Psychology. This has happened with the logical consequence as we understand ourselves as all-around partners of psychological and medical subjects.

On a regular basis you will find news in our blogs. Because of time reasons the German blog is added more regularly. Our blogs can also be booked as RSS-Feeds or RSS-Atoms.

We are not further away as the next telephone: 05175-300704.