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15 | 11 | 2018
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Written by Gudrun Smith   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008 08:36

SMITH-Academy completes our portfolio in the range of our trainings and workshops. So far SMITH-Consult has excused all of its workshops face-to-face. We will offer online trainings within the SMITH-Academy. You can easily take part in online trainings from your home. You decide which unit at what time you would like to learn. The time per unit depends on the workship, however: The more time you spend, the better your learining success will be.

Through forums, a chat and internet phoning, we enable you to exchange experiences with other participants. How does such a workshop function?

You all meet in a virtual seminar room. The material which has to be discussed, will be presented or worked through. This does not take place alone because you will be given forums if no-one is one or as far as some is online to exchange experiences by chat either delayed - forum or in realtime - chat. You also have the possibilty, as far as your computer has got a loud speaker and a microphone or a headset can be connected, to telephone free of charge via the internet, and therefore you are able to exchange yourselves, however without picture. Furthermore you can, that is, if you are interested also connect a webcam and have the opportunity of telefoning with your partner with a picture. This way you have many possibilities of making contacts with course participants via internet and exchange knowledge. It may create a problem, that you enjoy the environment/atmosphere of a hotel and would like to use the time to get away from the all day trash. Ask your boss to send you on a wellness weekend with your partner for a good co-operation, because you are building up your knowledge in an e-learning course and therefore do not miss out on any days and enjoy the luxuary of a hotel - because he also knows that one employees who train further and always adapt their working methods to the requirements of the market, are successful.

Your further education, independant of the insentives which I just mentioned will become more and more important in future. Because of especially small and medium sized companies are more and more focused to adapt to the dynamical market fastly, in order not to loose their connection. If you should be made redundant and have not looked at your possibilities, you will only know the working procedures of the company for which you work, but you will have difficulties in applying for a job in another company successfully, because there you could need different techniques or English as a company language. Gaining these missing competences during job finding, will definitely have a positive influence on your career.

We offer you to take your career in your own hands and to improve your career chances this way. Try us. We are not further away as the next telephone: ++49-0160-8440738.

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